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Arshad Law Associates (‘ALA’) is a law firm based in Lahore, Pakistan. Our experts help our clients to safeguard their legal rights and provide timely lawful advice and plead their cases before the appropriate appellate authorities including the superior courts of Pakistan.ALA team is experienced in the fields of tax planning, corporate structuring, accounting and financial issues relating to foreign invested enterprises. Senior members of ALA have over 30 years of experience in providing accounting, auditing and tax advisory services to both international businesses in Pakistan and large domestic corporations

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The taxation laws in Pakistan are too many and too complex to be complied with by the taxpayers without the help of the tax experts. The main Federal statutory laws dealing with taxation in Pakistan are: (i) Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 (ii) Income Tax Rules, 2002 (iii) Sales Tax Act,

In a highly competitive environment, businesses need to minimise their tax obligations by all available legal means. Our experts plan for you to mitigate tax burden by a number of techniques like-

Pakistan is a new destination for foreign investment in Asia. Though Pakistan has bilateral tax treaties 65 major countries of the world besides a few multilateral tax treaties, tax issues relating to non-residents are not yet fully settled in the courts of law. As a non-resident in Pakistan, you need

A contract is a document which governs the relationship between two or more parties and specifies their mutual rights and obligations towards one another. If a contract is not properly drafted, it sows the seeds of discord and disputes and the parties have to waste their resources in terms of

The prime law dealing with the formation and running of the companies in Pakistan is the Companies Act, 2017. There are many other laws which deal with specialised sectors. The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan is the main regulatory body of the corporate sector. Pakistan Stock Exchange has also

If you’re a foreign investor considering doing business in Pakistan, you can opt for any business structure out of sole proprietorship, association of persons, joint venture, limited liability partnership, registered firm, and a company. You can also have only a permanent establishment of your company in Pakistan. ALA analyses your

One of our units deals with business processes outsourced to us by different businesses. The processes include the following:

We at ALA see an increasing trend of the regulators in Pakistan to focus on changing and updating financial and accounting standards to reflect a new business imperative, with the ultimate goal of eventually achieving a consistent global legal and financial framework. The companies are becoming more active with acquisitions,

Your unique identity in business is very important regardless of the size of your business. We help create, register and protect your intellectual property rights ranging from trademark to copyrights, patents and designs. Trademark A Trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, or design or a combination of any two or

The Competition Act, 2010 (CA ’10) is a state-of-the-art modern law which gives the Competition Commission of Pakistan legal and investigative instruments and powers to engender free competition in all spheres of commercial and economic activity, enhance economic efficiency, and to protect consumers from anti-competitive and unfair competitive behaviour.If you

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