Arshad Law Associates (‘ALA’) is a law firm based in Lahore, Pakistan. Our experts help our clients to safeguard their legal rights and provide timely lawful advice and plead their cases before the appropriate appellate authorities including the superior courts of Pakistan
ALA team is experienced in the fields of tax planning, corporate structuring, accounting and financial issues relating to foreign invested enterprises. Senior members of Senior members of ALA have over 30 years of experience in providing accounting, auditing and tax advisory services to both international businesses in Pakistan and large domestic corporations. ALA excels in its expertise in the field of non-residents taxation in Pakistan.
Muhammad Arshad, a key member of the team is also a writer of various books on taxation and articles in the newspapers. Other tax experts in the country read his books on taxation which are updated annually.
We also draft contracts for our clients to help the contracting parties to perform them in a seamless manner with minimum or no litigation.
We also deal with other laws like employment laws, intellectual property laws, family laws, criminal laws, election laws, etc. described in more detail in the next pages.
The overarching protection provided in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973 is a great boon for the rule of law and our lawyers invoke constitutional remedies where there is no efficacious alternative remedy in the relevant statutes of the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are in an age of specialization. As times have changed, no attorney can possibly keep up with all areas and complexities of the law, and that is why our team is comprised of the top legal minds, each with their own area of practice. Our firm is also unique in that while we all specialize in various aspects of the law, the size of our legal team allows us to offer counsel on nearly any facet of the law.

We will conduct a complete analysis of your current tax situation, and in order to do that we need to review your last 2 years business and personal tax returns so that we have performed a thorough and complete diagnostic.

For each case, the amount of time between the filing of the lawsuit and the completion of the case will vary. It is essential that an attorney represent you to ensure that the case is expedited and you can receive compensation in a timely manner.

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