Qualification : M.A. English, LL.B

Service Career:
1.Lecturer in English,: 26-10-1971 to 04-04-1972
2.Extra Assistant Commissioner :05-04-1972 to 06-12-1972
(P.C.S) (The Govt. of the Punjab)
3. Pakistan Taxation Service:07-12-1972 to 15-06-1983
(C.S.S. Batch 1972)
Professional Career
1. Advocate High Court 15-04-1984
2. Advocate Supreme Court 13-10-1996
3. Legal Advisor in the Department 18-08-2001 to 27-05-2002
of Income Tax
Author of English articles published in the national dailies
(i) Counterproductive tax laws ( The Dawn , 26th May, 2014)
(ii) New trends in tax laws administration (The Dawn, 23rd May, 2005)
(iii) A case for more autonomy (The Dawn, 7th March, 2005)
(iv) Debate on NGO’s role- Making use of their potential (The Dawn, 2nd August, 2003)
(v) General Sales Tax: Its relevance for Pakistan ( The Dawn, 1st May, 2000)
(vi) GST is counterproductive (The Dawn, 21st February, 2000)
(vii) Proposed amendments in the income tax law (The Frontier Post, 9th May, 1992)
(viii) Direct tax laws and implementation gap (The Nation, 10th August, 1990)
(ix) State of economy: Clutching the last straw (The Dawn , 15th June, 1985)